Building Projects

Completed Projects
  • Replaced carpet in Fellowship Hall with paint epoxy
  • Installed security light on east side of Adult Education Building
  • Lowered grade level on south side of Worship Center
  • Fixed roof leaks in Student Life Center and Fellowship Hall
  • Replaced leaking water heater in WEE SChool area
  • Flood lights changed in alley
  • Acoustical tiles placed in Fellowship Hall
  • Lighting replaced in Fellowship Hall
  • Remodel larger ladies restroom by library
  • Trim pecan tree in alley
  • Replace a/c filters throughout campus
  • Remodel bathrooms on second floor in administration building
  • New carpet, shelves and counters in main office
  • Repair window stools on main building
  • Replace exterior door on East side of building
  • Replace awning over doors in alley
  • Replace window tinting on Adult Education Building
  • Repair flat roof at Fellowship Hall entrance and paint columns and woodwork
  • Power wash building
Future Project
  • Replace broken windows along east side of alley
  • Make existing drainage ditch in alley all concrete and extend to building
  • Remodel Worship Center stage
  • Remodel stage area in Student Life Center

For ideas of future projects, contact Roger Littleton