Who we are

Our vision:

First Baptist Pryor exists to make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20). We believe that consistent biblical exposition and application are the keys to spiritual transformation and are committed to such an approach. 

Our Philosophy of Ministry:

First Baptist Pryor incorporates preaching, teaching, and ministering so as to lead the people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and preaching, teaching, and ministering so as to lead followers of Christ into a lifelong commitment of Jesus Christ as absolute Lord.

Our Worship through Music:

We want doctrinally sound, edifying music which enhances one’s worship experience without compromising or cheapening what we believe worship of our Lord Jesus should be. You will experience a blended worship style each Sunday morning beginning at 10:15 A.M

We believe the following components are at work:

(1) Competent biblical exposition

(2) Worship style options, each done tastefully

(3) A genuinely friendly fellowship of faith

(4) A commitment to reaching out to all ages and races

(5) A clear doctrinal identity characterized by commitment to the Word of God as inspired, infallible, and inerrant, and an embracing of the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message  

(6) An unambiguous denominational identity defined as commitment to the Southern Baptist Convention’s agencies, entities, and missions boards

(7) A commitment to the congregational form of church polity where the priesthood of the believer is taught and practiced regarding church decisions